Summer Newsletter 2014

Why Choose Rubber Over Other Safety Surfaces?

Rubber is inherently a very flexible material, it is this flexibility that makes it the perfect surfacing choice for unique design installations.  Pour in place rubber can be manipulated to bend and curve to it's environment without cracking or compromising it's function as a safety surfacing.  The flexibility and versatility of pour and place rubber safety surfacing makes it ideal for a variety of unique installations:

  • Tree Wells (protects and covers roots while maintaining porosity)
  • Play mounds of various shapes and sizes
  • Hill slides
  • playground slopes and stairs
  • hand and foot grips installed on slopes for added play value and function

Project design should be as unique and individual as its intended audience, choosing rubber as your surfacing will help you create without compromise, and execute without exception.

Ronald McDonald House Playground

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House, located on Heather Street in Vancouver, recently opened its doors as a home away from home to families of seriously ill children.  Utilizing the unique playground design of PWL Partnership landscape architects, Marathon installed Landsafe pour in place rubber safety surfacing in 100% colour.  Features of the playground include a vertical graduated slope design with integrated stairs, in colour blocks of grey, blue …

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Library Square Playground


Library Square Children's Centre

  The Vancouver Society of Children's Centres (VSOCC) wanted to transform their Library Square locations playground into a space that would promote learning in sustainability, agriculture and environmental conservation.  Marathon installed Landsafe pour in place recycled safety surfacing in natural colours of beige and green.  The porous rubber surfacing was poured around an existing maple tree to cover and protect its roots …

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Marathon Surfaces is very excited to announce the addition of a colour design tool to our website.  Please click on the link below to experience our interactive colour mixing tool which will help you create, visualize and download unique colour combinations of your choosing.