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3 Dimensional Mountain Design

New Product - Polysoft

3 Dimensional Design Capabilities

Vibrant Colours

Polysoft is an innovative soft surface technology for playgrounds, water parks, pool decks,  splash pads, ...

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When designing a playground, good designers will address issues such as play value of the equipment, appropriate safety surfacing, site lines with paths and roadways, and interaction with adjacent amenities that could affect the safety of the play area.

When designing the correct safety surface, the same care has to be taken when addressing the base and border. Issues such as:

  • drainage
  • tree roots
  • slope
  • planarity
  • correct fall zones

Careful consideration of these issues are an integral part of the process when designing a play space.  Attention to details such as the proper use of aggregates can mean the difference between a surface that is smooth, sound and safe vs. one that shows evidence of settlement and dangerous and unsightly depressions.  Choosing an aggregate with the proper compaction capabilities and lateral integrity is crucial to the success of any installation.

At Marathon we believe that every great and successful project starts with:

  • Following best practices in selection and installation of base and border materials
  • Designing with imagination and intention
  • Ensuring utmost standards in safety through the use of a Canadian Certified Playground Inspector

Why put your playground at risk?

Marathon, where experience is underfoot.

canuck place flower hopscotch

Canuck Place Children's Hospice

Canuck Place Children's Hospice offers specialized care for children with progressive life-threatening illnesses and their families.  An accessible play surface was necessary for the hospice playground to suit the needs of these children and their siblings.  Marathon installed pour in place recycled rubber safety surfacing to provide ...

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Bob Dailey Stadium Running Track

Port Alberni - Bob Dailey Stadium

 Bob Dailey Stadium, which is a hub for athletics in the region, recently replaced their 30 year old track surfacing.  Marathon installed Spurtan BV system on the track and Rekortan M99 in adjacent event areas.   This project was a ...

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Polysoft is an innovative soft surface technology for playgrounds, water parks, pool decks,  splash pads, public pathways and landscaping projects. This resilient surfacing is available in porous and non-porous applications and can be used indoors and out. It is fade resistant due to an  increased UV stability and has amazing anti- slip properties.


The most exciting aspect of this new product is the 3 dimensional design possibilities that it offers. Polysoft allows designers to be more adventurous with their projects due to its vertical installation capabilities and 18 vibrant and natural colours which can be combined in a multitude of ways.