Spring 2015 Newsletter


Using Rubber Safety Surfacing to Encourage Unstructured Play

Balanced playgrounds incorporate design elements that encourage and promote unstructured play opportunities alongside more traditional play elements such as slides and swings.  By introducing whimsical components to a play space children are encouraged to engage their imagination and explore their creative side.  These playgrounds enriched with choices, increase development opportunities, encourage and support independence in children, and create a necessary balance between organized experiences and unrestricted play. A report sponsored by The American Academy of Pediatrics states:

“free and unstructured play is necessary to help children reach social, emotional, and cognitive milestones , as well as help them lower their levels of stress”. 

Adding unique and creative designs into the playground safety surfacing is a great way to encourage these free play experiences. Designs such as unexpected meandering pathways, jumping features  and play mounds will not only inspire movement in the space but help spark children’s imaginations and creativity during play.

 Please contact a member of the Marathon design team to learn more about incorporating unstructured/free play design elements into your play space.


Lions Park

New life has been given to Lions Park in Port Coquitlam. Previously enjoyed and loved by the community as a unique tire park, residents of the area were hoping that the tires would remain as a play element in the revitalized park. Van Der Zalm and Associates repurposed the tires in their unique design as planters, and climbing features that resemble the back of a dragon. Marathon Surfaces installed Landsafe pour in place recycled rubber safety surfacing on a hillside, and high traffic safety zones as well as meandering pathways around the playground.   Areas surfaced in rubber were bordered by grass, sand and wood fibre to create natural elements in the play space.



King George Park

King George Park - Richmond

King George Park in Richmond is enjoying a new playground thanks to the vision and fund raising efforts of a parent in the community as well as the generosity of the City of Richmond.  This park is unique in its design, as a rubber mounded platform was added beside the slide to offer wheelchair and caregiver accessibility.  Marathon Surfaces installed pour in …

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