Winter Newsletter 2015


Think outside the box........The playground box that is.

The flat boxy play spaces of our youth are being replaced with imaginative, multi-dimensional playgrounds.  Designers are upping their game by creating play spaces with unique topographical elements such as:

• mounds

• hill slides

• raised hand and foot holds, and

• hillside climbing features

Incorporating slopes and hills into the play areas adds design interest and captivating play value to the space. Marathon Surfaces' Landsafe pour in place recycled rubber is the ideal safety surfacing for these unique playgrounds. There is no need to sacrifice design for safety, with pour in place rubber, you can achieve both!

When planning your next play space,

 Remember.....Marathon will go to the summit for you!

Queenston stairs crop

Queenston Park  Coquitlam

Queenston Park located in Coquitlam had some unique challenges in designing their playground.  An existing hillside bordered the area limiting the available dimensions.  The City of Coquitlam and design team decided to use the hill to their advantage by incorporating it into the play space.  Marathon Surfaces installed Landsafe  pour in place recycled rubber safety surfacing on the hillside, and created rubber …

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Hockaday Community Playground Hill Side

Hockaday Community Playground - Coquitlam

The City of Coquitlam faced some challenges while planning Hockaday community playground. They were looking for options to surface over existing hill side boulders that were too large to remove but presented a safety hazard if they were to remain.  Marathon Surfaces surfaced the hillside, along with the boulders, in Landsafe pour in place recycled rubber safety surfacing. This created a slip …

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VSOCC Childcare  Manitoba Street

    The children who will be attending this VSOCC (Vancouver Society of Children's Centre's) run childcare will be thrilled to explore this rooftop playground.  The Childcare is located in a new building on Manitoba Street in Vancouver.  Marathon surfaces installed Landsafe pour in place recycled rubber safety surfacing in 100% colour in shades of blue and beige.  Rubber mounds …

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